Develop The Nation, Creating value



2 Business Pillars

  • In Line with the Company Vision and Mission, WIKA Bitumen will manage his business in two main pillars: Mining and Industry
  • This 2 Business pillars shall be developed as an integrated business from mining up to processing industry of Buton Natural Asphalt, which will be able to give high value added to the Company as well as WIKA Group.


Business Activities

As part of the development strategy to support synergy of WIKA Group, PT WIKA Bitumen is directed to develop the business of providing quality Buton Asphalt products in an integrated way from mining to industrial products that can be produced from the mine and finally giving high value added to the business of WIKA Group. The product that are and will be carried out among others:


1. Asphalt Products :

  • Buton Asphalt raw material
  • Granular Asphalt
  • Extraction Asphalt


2. Non Asphalt Products:

  • Bitumen Crude
  • Fuel
  • Coating Material
  • Water Proofing