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Inauguration Day for PT WIKA Bitumen’s Chairmen

Jakarta – In 2018, PT WIKA Bitumen had changed their ogranization structure, as well as the Board of Directors and Board of Comissioner. For the past years, Arifin Fahmi held the President Director position, and exactly on January 30th 2019, Bambang Dwi Jayanto replaced position from him. Beside the Director, the Board of Comissioner also changed. Chandra Dwiputra finished his position as President Comissioner and had replaced by Agung Budi Waskito.

In addition to the inauguration of new Director and Comissioner, PT WIKA Bitumen also appointed 17 managers in the organizational structure. With the new position being passed, it is expected that officials can become the fronmen of the company and can help PT WIKA Bitumen grow even more, altogether with all the employees.


Here is the list of the Directors and Managers who was inaugurated this month:

  1. Bambang Dwi Jayanto    : President Director
  2. Yudi Widodo                    : Director of Finance and Human Resources
  3. Sila Agung Widyantoro    : Director of Operations
  4. Waluyo Nugroho              : Operations Division Manager
  5. Ari Gunadi                       : Industrial Division Manager
  6. Henry Adi Prasetyo         : Mine Division Manager
  7. Tejo Kusworo Hadi          : Internal Audit Unit Manager
  8. Asmawati                        : Public Relations Bureau Manager
  9. Sukarmo                         : Finance Bureau Manager
  10. Adiono                            : Human Resource Bureau Manager
  11. Teguh Pribadi                 : Procurement Bureau Manager
  12. Medi Nurheriyanto          : Research & Development Bureau Manager
  13. Donny Ramanto             : Commercial Bureau Manager
  14. Dadang Komarudin        : Information Systems Bureau Manager
  15. Wahyudi Martono           : Kabungka Mine Summit Manager
  16. Sunardi                           : Lawele Mine Summit Manager
  17. Kariman                          : Finance & HC Mining Division Manager
  18. Gusur Sugiarto               : Finance & HC Industrial Division Manager
  19. Rendy Valiant Sofjan      : Commercial & Procurement Manager
  20. Nunung Hermawan        : Asphalt Service Project Manager