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Corporate Social Responsibility Resources

General Policy

As a company engaging in the production of natural asphalt, starting from exploitation of the raw materials asphalt, starting from exploitation of the raw materials through to the processing of the materials into semi-finished products called Granular, the Company is committed to maintain a harmonious relationship with the communities around the operational areas and contributed to improving the community welfare, social aspect, environmental and economy.

In order to support the ongoing operations and sustainability of the Company, WIKA Bitumen will continuing perform its social responsibilities to bring positive impact to the society. A harmonious relationship will continue to be maintain, both with the community residing around the operational areas, local government and other stakeholders.

The Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment (CSRE) activities are based on the Law no.40 Year 2007 on Limited Liability Company, and the Indonesian Government Regulation no.47, 2012 on Social and Environmental Responsibility of Limited Liability Company (PT) and other relevant regulation.

The General Policy of the Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility is divide into three parts; (1) Corporate social responsibility towards education; (2) Corporate social responsibility towards the community’s Health and Social Economy; and (3) Corporate social responsibility towards the environment.

Education and community health services programs have become top program of WIKA Bitumen’s CSRE since it’s directly affected by nearby society.

Source of funding the SCRE’s program is form the previous year’s net income. Subsequently PT WIKA Bitumen’s net profit decreased in the year of 2014, thus the fund allocated to the CSRE’s program were limited and focused on the continuing activities such as education and health. PT WIKA Bitumen engages in mining, and a subsidiary of state-owned enterprises, namely PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. Therefore, the Company implements its Corporate Social Responsibility programs based on the Regulation of the State Enterprise Ministry No. Per-05/MBU/2007 on Partnership Program of State Owned Companies (SOEs) with Micro Business and Community Development Program.

In 2015, the amount of CSR funds that have been realized, reached around RP 185 milion. In an effort to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility as stipulated in the applicable laws and regulation, PT WIKA Bitumen has conducted several activities Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2015, as follows:


Corporate Social Responsibility on Education

One of the Company’s main CSR program in education is the operation of Kindergarten in Pasarwajo, Buton, which is managed by TK Putra Foundation. TK Putra has been presence in the area since the Company became the State Asphalt Company (PAN) in 1967. The number of students in 2016 totaled 55 people, while the number of Teachers is 5 people.

The CSR education program was selected because around Pasarwajo, there was no kindergarten at the time. If any, it is located quite far away. Therefore, the presence of TK Putra was very helpful to the community in Pasarwajo.

For WIKA Bitumen, the future of education is an investment in human resources. Through education, people can change and improve their lives for the better. WIKA Bitumen begins this by providing learning opportunities to children at kindergarten level, which is a golden period of human growth.


Corporate Social Responsibility on Public Health and Social Economy of the Community

1. Health Service

In this program, the Company train women who are active in the Family Welfare Education (PKK) program in order to provide service at Posyandu (integrated health service) dedicated for Pregnant Women, Toddlers and children in Pasarwajo. These activities are carried out once every month with the aim to improve the nutrition of infants and children as well as pregnant women. The actual actions undertaken are including conducting routine monthly check-ups for pregnant mothers as well as provide additional vitamins for infants and children.

The health care program has become one of the top programs of the Company because the public directly feels such activity, especially women who are pregnant or who have infants and children. This health service is provided based on the consideration that such program is needed by families and communities, as there were the limited medical facilities available in Pasarwajo area.

2. Bazaar

Prior to Idul Fitri, the Company conducted the so-called Cheap Market, located in Cileungsi, Bogor and Pasarwajo, Buton Island, Cileungsi was selected for the Cheap Market program because the Company’s factory is located in Cileungsi. This program is conducted in collaboration with the parent company, PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk.

In this activity, the Company sold packages of daily necessities (Sembako) with a very low price, which is a 50-percent of the market price of the package. Company provided 50 packages for Cileungsi, while in Buton the Company provided 500 packages of daily necessities. WIKA Bitumen added bazaar program in Lawele and Kabungka because last year, that program was held successfully.

3. Disaster Donation
  In December 2016, there was huge earthquake in Aceh and in September 2016, there was cataclysm and avalanche. It caused a lot of injured people and structural damage. WIKA Bitumen was gave donation for Rp. 50.000.000,- to help them.
4. Religion
  Besides donating some sacrificial to celebrate Idul Adha, regularly in Banabungi, this year WIKA Bitumen also helps mosque construction in Pasarwajo, Nurul Huda Mosque, Banabungi Village.
Corporate Social Responsibility on Environment
1. Clean Water Program

A program which is related with environment is the provision of clean water. The program aims to ensure that environment is preserved and at the same time, the public need for clean water from Drinking Water Company (PDAM) is very limited. In implementing this program, the Company has built a general Clean Water facility for people in Pasarwajo.

2. Tree Plantation
  The Company has established a policy for trees plantation, in line with CSR policy of the founding company, PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. However this program was conducted incidentally as the funds allocation for such program was limited. This program is an evidence of our commitment to support the government’s program to reduce emissions.

Increase productivity of Purnabakti through Bosletong Training

WIKA CSR in collaboration with Paguyuban Purnabakti of WIKA held Bosletong System Training in Bekasi, on June 3, 2014. The training was opened by the Chairman of Paguyuban Purnabakti WIKA, Suryo Sitepu, and attended by 57 participants from Paguyuban Purnabakti of WIKA and representatives of the CSR Bureau.

Bosletong system itself is an integrated cropping pattern between fisheries and agriculture are carried out simultaneously in a medium that is gentong. Bosletong system was created with the goal of maintaining a beautiful environment, ensure food security, and prepare a healthy generation. Through this training the WIKA Purnabakti member were given knowledge in theory and practice “how to be a City Farmer with Bosletong system. The program is expected to be useful also for the Purnabakti WIKA to remain produc