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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Apart from being a quality Buton natural asphalt producer, PT WIKA Bitumen is committed to maintaining a harmonious relationship with the community around their operational area. The company continuously makes contributions to improve the welfare of the society in all sectors, from economic, social, to environmental. Apart from the local community, this harmonious relationship is also established with the local government and other stakeholders




The education sector is one of the most important targets of the Company’s corporate social responsibility programs. For PT WIKA Bitumen, education is an investment for the future of human capital. Education can change and improve a person’s life for the better.


Up until today, PT WIKA Bitumen is running a sustainable education program, namely the management of TK Putra Foundation’s Kindergarten in Pasarwajo, Buton Regency. Until 2020, the number of students and teachers registered in this school have reached 60 students and 5 teachers.


Other corporate social responsibility programs in the education sector are the WIKA Learning Program in 2018 which was conducted at SMP Negeri 7 Pasarwajo, WIKA Teaching Program in 2020 at SMA Negeri 1 Pasarwajo, and Teaching Director at SMK Negeri 1 Pasarwajo in 2021.

Also in 2020, the company has also implemented educational scholarship cooperation with the Muhammadiyah Buton University for exemplary students with a period of five years. It continues in 2021, the company just signed another scholarship program cooperated with Universitas Dayanu Ikhsanuddin. 




This program aims to improve awareness, desire, and ability to live healthy for each person to achieve better community health The Company assists the Regional Govenrment in handling the elderly society by conducting health checks for blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid, in collaboration with local Healthcare Facilities in the villages Mantowu and Winning.


Meanwhile, regarding immunization providence, vitamin A and additional food are distributed to toddlers every month in the housing complex of Banabungi Village, in collaboration with the wives of employees on Buton Island.




This program aims to fulfill the adequacy of infrastructures to encourage empowerment in the surrounding communities. In carrying out this program, the Company has conducted road repairs in surrounding villages, mainly in the nearby villages around the Mining Business License (IUP) areas and WIKA Bitumen head office. This is conducted to improve synergy and the sense of togetherness between the Company and the community.


Throughout 2020, the CSR program in infrastructure includes road maintenance and street lighting provision in a number of villages, namely Mantowu Village, Kabawakole Village, Banabungi Village, and Winning Village.

The program is implemented in the hope that there will be no overlapping with the local government programs.




This program aims to spread awareness in our society regarding environmental preservation, in order for the environment to support and cater the human needs in the future sustainably. In specific locations that were once mining sites, the Company plans to plant cover crop and exotic types of trees or woods, such as sengon and candlenut trees as well as endemic plants.


The planting of trees has been conducted in areas around mining sites and residential areas, sengon trees are planted, along with an estimate of 50
productive trees spread throughout several locations in the Mantowu and Winning Village.




One of the programs that is regularly carried out by PT WIKA Bitumen as a social responsibility to the community is through the religious sector.
Towards the end of the month of Eid al-Fitr, PT WIKA Bitumen routinely holds bazaar activities in Lawele and Kabungka, providing 250 basic food
packages for each villager.

With very affordable prices, each package consists of 10 kilograms of rice, 2 liters of cooking oil and 2 kilograms of sugar. These two villages were selected due to their locations, in the mining areas of the Company. This bazaar is also a program created by PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk., the parent company of PT WIKA Bitumen.

In addition, routine activities are also held on the day of Eid al-Adha, namely the slaughter of sacrificial animals in Lawele and Banabungi, as well as handing out charity to 100 orphans living around the Banabungi area of Buton Island.